MultiExact 5400
MultiExact 5400

MultiExact 5400

Digital Multigas Analyser Optimised for ASU Requirements

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SERVOPRO (Safe Area) MultiExact 5400

Combining industry-leading performance and a range of new and enhanced functions as standard, the MultiExact offers air separation plants a multi-gas analyser specifically optimized to industry requirements - with GFX and Paramagnetic measurements now augmented by Servomex’s revolutionary TCD measurement sensing technology.

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209624 Valve block solenoid valve 05000950 Display Assembly Kit 05410002A MultiExact Service Manual 05410993 O2 Control Module S1770703D Spare TCD Module 0-10% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770703E Spare TCD Module 0-20% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770703H Spare TCD Module 0-50% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770703K Spare TCD Module 0-100% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770703R Spare TCD Module 80-100% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770703S Spare TCD Module 90-100% Ar in N2 O2 Air S1770704D Spare TCD Module 0-10% N2 in Ar S1770704E Spare TCD Module 0-20% N2 in Ar S1770705B Spare TCD Module 0-2% He in O2 S1770705C Spare TCD Module 0-5% He in O2 S1770705D Spare TCD Module 0-10% He in O2 S1770705E Spare TCD Module 0-20% He in O2 S1770705G Spare TCD Module 0-30% He in O2 S1770705H Spare TCD Module 0-50% He in O2 S1770705K Spare TCD Module 0-100% He in O2 S1770706B Spare TCD Module 0-2% He in N2 S1770706C Spare TCD Module 0-5% He in N2 S1770706D Spare TCD Module 0-10% He in N2 S1770706E Spare TCD Module 0-20% He in N2 S1770706G Spare TCD Module 0-30% He in N2 S1770706H Spare TCD Module 0-50% He in N2 S1770706K Spare TCD Module 0-100% He in N2 S1770707A Spare TCD Module 0-1% H2 in N2 S1770707B Spare TCD Module 0-2% H2 in N2 S1770707C Spare TCD Module 0-5% H2 in N2 S1770707D Spare TCD Module 0-10% H2 in N2 S1770707E Spare TCD Module 0-20% H2 in N2 S1770707G Spare TCD Module 0-30% H2 in N2 S1770707H Spare TCD Module 0-50% H2 in N2 S1770707K Spare TCD Module 0-100% H2 in N2 S1770707M Spare TCD Module 50-100% H2 in N2 S1770707S Spare TCD Module 90-100% H2 in N2 S1770708E Spare TCD Module 0-20% H2 in Ar S1770709A Spare TCD Module 0-1% H2 in CO S4000976 Four tip up feet (kit) S4000978 Chassis Fuse Kit S5000901 Microcontroller PCB S5000911 O2 Purity Heater PCB S5000912 O2 Purity pressure PCB S5100907 Spares Kit - Display Adaptor & Buzzer S5400303 Blanking moulding (single) S5400310 Blanking moulding (double) S5400501 Spare Scrubber Material Sachet (Trace CO2 Gfx) S5400803 Modbus RS485 PCB Assembly S5400804 Relay PCB Assembly S5400806 Autocal PCB Assembly S5400813 Ethernet (Modbus TCP) PCB Assembly S5400902 Distribution PCB S5400905 mA & Relay output PCB S5400908 Profibus PCB Assembly S5400909 Valve block PCB S5400915 Voltage & Relay output PCB S5400920 Transducer 12/6 way cable assembly S5400922 Transducer 5/4 way cable assembly S5400924 RS232 cable S5400928 Filter module assembly S5400949 Valve block to autocal PCB cable S5400950 UK power lead S5400951 European power lead S5400952 American power lead S5400953 Flow alarm assembly S5400954 Spare, CO2 Scrubber Assy S5400955 Valve block assembly S5400959 Spare MultiExact Zr Filter Assy S5400960 Spare filter (kit) (purity O2 and control O2) S5400961 Rack mount (kit) S5400962 Spare Ext Filter (GFx Measurements Only) S5400963 Spare Ext Filter Sinter (GFx Meas Only) S5400967 Spare MultiExact Zr Filter Element S5400968 Spare MultiExact Connector Kit S5400981 Bypass flowmeter assembly S5400982 Sample flowmeter assembly S5400986 Filter module assembly S5400994 Trace O2 Zirconia module S5410931 Mains cable S5410932 PSU to distribution PCB cable assembly S5410934 Dist PCB to heater cable assembly S5410935 Spare Ribbon Cable, Pressure S5410936 Option board connections S5410950 Keypad Assembly Kit S5410951 Power supply S5410971 Plumbing Conversion Kit 1, 4100 to 5400 S5410972 Plumbing Conversion Kit 2, 4100 to 5400 S5410973 Plumbing Conversion Kit 3, 4100 to 5400 S5410974 Plumbing Conversion Kit 4, 4100 to 5400 S5410991 O2 Purity module SPR410 Calibration Valve Kit (PD) SPR411 Calibration Valve Kit (FD)