Bulk and Specialty Gas Line Qualification

As automotive electronics become smarter and smarter, the importance of semiconductors will continue to grow.

SGS GAS have multiple analytical crews working across Europe, including Silicon Saxony, completing commissioning and qualification of Bulk and Specialty Gases in semiconductor plants.

The latest addition to SGS GAS capabilities is measurement of particulates down to 0.01 micron - This means that if we could lay out 10,000 of these in a line, they still wouldn't equal the thickness of a human hair.

SGS GAS has onsite gas testing capabilities to measure trace impurities in UHP gases down to ppt levels including:
- Moisture to 100ppt,
- Oxygen to 45ppt
- Carbon Dioxide to 800ppt,
- Methane to 500ppt,
- NMHC to 800ppt
- Carbon Monoxide to 300ppt,
- Hydrogen to 800ppt
- Nitrogen to 3ppb
- Helium Leak Testing to 1x10-9

Article posted 11 May 2021