Services include onsite testing and process troubleshooting of all gases. We also provide analytical measurement of purity in our laboratory.

Testing of gases can include purity and specific impurity limits to EP, USP, ISO, BS as required. Tests can be run for all impurities, such as moisture, oxygen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Both non-viable and viable particulate count testing can be completed on all compressed gases or room air.

Gas Analysis & Testing

We provides professional, reliable support to all sectors of industry.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory analysis capabilities include: Gas Chromatography (GC): GC-MS Mass Spectrometry and High Emittance Source MS GC-TCD Thermal Conductivity Detector GC-FID Flame...

Instrumentation & Calibration

We have a large installed base of instrumentation, sample systems and related equipment throughout the country. To optimise the performance of these systems and to preven...

Sample System Integration

Semiconductor UHP Gas Qualification

We Have a multitude of gas analysis equipment for site or laboratory analysis: High performance particle counters starting at 10nm (0.01µm) Servomex Delta F 760 Trace O2 ...

Helium Leak

In addition to instrumentation and gas purity testing, we now offer helium leak checking services within its portfolio.SGS GAS have many years of experience working in cl...