Laboratory Services

Laboratory analysis capabilities include:

  1. GC-MS Mass Spectrometry and High Emittance Source MS
  2. GC-TCD Thermal Conductivity Detector
  3. GC-FID Flame Ionisation Detector and GC-Methaniser-FID
  4. GC-SCD Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector 
  5. GC-PDHID Pulse Discharge Helium Ionisation Detector
  6. GC-ArDID Argon Discharge Ionisation Detector
  7. GC-HeDID Helium Discharge Ionisation Detector
  8. GC-ECD Electron Capture Detector
  9. GC-RCP Reducing Compound Photometer
  10. MicroGC-TCD and portable GCs
  11. Thermal desorption autosampler and air sampler
  12. Liquid vial autosampler
  13. Complete inventory of capillary and packed columns of diverse phases