Helium Leak

In addition to instrumentation and gas purity testing, we now offer helium leak checking services within its portfolio.

SGS GAS have many years of experience working in clean room environments and our on-site helium leak checking is available in vacuum or sniff mode, dependent upon the application and size of leak.

We can sell or hire helium leak detection equipment and an expert operator to attend any customer site in order to troubleshoot a customers’ systems. Typical applications include proving the integrity of valves in clean rooms or seals on vacuum pumps and can be an invaluable service to a commissioning team before signing off an installation.

Totally leak-tight components and systems do not exist so the criteria for declaring if a component or a system is leak-tight depends on each application.
One advantage of helium leak detection is that leaks can be detected and quantified, making it possible to monitor them over a period of time and so determine any deterioration of the joint being inspected.

Helium is an ideal test gas for leak detection purposes as it is present in very low concentrations in background (typically <5 ppm) and is both inert and relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Helium leak detection is extremely accurate, quantitative and repeatable.
If you would like an independent assessment of the integrity of your installations please contact our service department for a competitive on-site leak detection quote.