System Integration

The SGS GAS integration team is focused on developing solutions that optimise our customer's processes. This often starts with a technical review of the application, sample stream and process parameters.

Generally, supplying the instruments is the easy part. Guaranteeing the instrument is recording representative process measurements in the quickest and most reliable method is the difficult part. Appropriate sample conditioning is the key to any accurate analysis system and at SGS GAS we have the expertise to specify the elements required.
Our engineers have also completed the following courses ensuring a certified solution.
Industrial Sampling System “Reliable design & maintenance for Process Analysers” – Swagelok.

Servomex Analyser and sample conditioning in refining, pharma and food.
Delta F – Trace Analysis Methods for the semi-conductor Industry.
AutoCAD – (Full mechanical and electrical drawings can be provided).
Honeywell Gas Detection solutions.
BOC – Gas handling requirements.


Article posted 20 April 2021