NovaCHROM 1000 Gas Chromatograph

ppm and ppb analysis using a Discharge Ionisation Detector

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The new NovaCHROM 1000 GC contains the latest GC technology based around the unrivalled Discharge Ionisation Detector (DID) from AGC Instruments. The state of the art technology is a result of 50 years of experience which makes AGC Instruments a leading manufacturer in the industry. This detector is both highly accurate and reliable for the analysis of trace impurities in numerous applications. Utilising the latest advanced technologies, this GC provides customers with the precise results they require with the ease of use and support features expected.

The NovaCHROM 1000 GC uses the industry proven Discharge Ionisation Detector (DID) for the measurement of trace impurities in a various gas streams. This detector will allow measurements from ppm down to ultra low ppb levels with ease and with minimal training required. Using the new interactive touch screen, the NovaCHROM series is straightforward to use and set-up. The arrival of the new Electronic Pressure & Flow Management System has ensured all functionality is effortless and easily accessible. The constant monitoring of critical status information such as flows, pressures and temperatures is readily available to the operator and is backed up with the Alarm activation system which allows feedback locally to other locations such as the Control Room or DCS. This information allows all personnel to know that the GC is performing to specification with the peace of mind that goes with it. Therefore the NovaCHROM 1000 provides a top class performance to you at all times.

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