NovaCHROM 5000 Gas Chromatograph

ppm to low ppb SULPHUR analysis using a Flame Photometric Detector

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The new NovaCHROM 5000 GC contains the latest GC technology based around the industry proven double Flame Photometric Detector (FPD). This sulphur selective detector, of which AGC Instruments has extensive experience, is ideal for characterising and quantifying a wide range of low level sulphur species in gaseous streams. Utilising the latest advanced technologies, this GC provides customers with the precise results they require with the ease of use and support features expected.

The NovaCHROM 5000 detects and identifies individual sulphur species as opposed to total sulphur values and there is no interference from matrix gases which occurs in spectrometry analysers. Multiple column ovens, with heated valves to eliminate cold spots, are combined with passivated tubing to maximise sensitivity and achieve ultra low ppb levels. As a result, quick analysis times are achieved of between one to five minutes typically.

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