SERVOPRO (Safe Area) Chroma

Offering a unique, non-depleting plasma emission detector, the SERVOPRO Chroma (K4000) analyser is one of the most versatile gas analysers for trace gas measurement available. Most applications will be satisfied by a single 4U rack analyser configuration, making the Chroma a compact, cost effective solution for continuous process control or quality monitoring.

Key Features:

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Associated Products & Parts:

01000934A Heater Assy (120V) 01000934B Heater Assy (240V) 01000951 Thermistor Assembly 01000952 Glow Plug Assembly 01000953 FID Oven Temperature Sensor 01000964 ServoPro, FID I/O Board, Programmed 01010905 FID Sensor Assembly 02001957 Water Permeation Tube Assembly, Tested 04400902 Ambiant Temperature board, Chroma 04400917A RTD Buffer Board, ServoPro Chroma 04400921 Fan Assembly, ServoPro Chroma 04400937 Bypass VCR 8" 04400939 Bypass VCR 6' 04400955 Cable, RTD Buffer Board to I/O Board 04400956 Cable Assy, RS-232 O/P, Chroma 04400957 Cable Assy, Auxiliary Oven Power, Chroma 04400959 Cable, Power Entry Module Assy, Chroma 04400961B Extension Coil Tubing SWG to SWG 20' 04400962B Extension Coil Tubing VCR to VCR 20' 04420911 Cable Assy, RTD Sensor, ServoPro Chroma 04460960 Cable Assy, FID Box to I/O Board 04470907 Cable Assy, RTD Sensor, ServoPro Chroma 209336 Pressure regulator 0-100 psi 209483 VCR Face Seal Fitting, 1/8", Gasket S1000998 FID Spares Kit (220V) S1000999 FID Spares Kit (120V) S4400905A SERVOPRO Chroma Conditioning Brd, Spare S4400940B Spare I/O Brd, Standard, Master, Chroma S4400940C Spare I/O Brd, Standard, Slave, Chroma S4400940D Spare I/O Brd, Std, 2nd Slave, Chroma S4400941B Spare I/O Brd, Cycle Status, Master S4400941C Spare I/O Brd, Cylce Satus, Slave S4400941D Spare I/O Brd, Cycle Status, 2nd Slave S4400958 Spare Keyboard Assembly, ServoPro Chroma S4400963 Spare, Oxygen Trap 48", Chroma S4400999 Spare, H2 2" & O2 48" Traps, Chroma S4400FUSE Fuse Kit for K4000 S4420910A Spare Heater, 120Vac, ServoPro Chroma S4420910B Spare Heater, 240Vac, ServoPro Chroma S4420919 Spare, Hydrogen Trap 2", Chroma S4430914A Spare, Hard Drive, CF, VNC, Chroma, for WinXP S4430914C Spare, Hard Drive, embedded, VNC, Chroma, for WinXP S4430914D Spare, Hard Drive, embedded, VNC, Chroma, for Win7/Win 10 S4430915A Spare, Hard Drive, Net Support, Chroma S4430915C Spare, Hard Drive, CF, Net Support, Chroma, for WinXP S4430915D Spare, Hard Drive, embedded, Net Support, Chroma, for Win7 S4430980G PC Unit, VNC, Chroma, Win 10 S4430980H PC Unit, Net Support, Chroma, Win 10 S4450980 SERVOPRO Chroma Pressure Reg, Spare S4470906A Spare Cartridge Heater Assy, 120Vac S4470906B Spare Cartridge Heater Assy, 240Vac S4470910 Spare, Oxygen Trap 96", Chroma S4470911 Spare, Hydrogen Trap 8", Chroma