MultiExact 4000 Series

Next-generation multi-gas analysers

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MultiExact 4100 

A sophisticated, next-generation multi-gas analyzer designed to provide a highly adaptable analysis solution for industrial and medical gas manufacturers.

The SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 is a high-performance multi-gas analyzer designed to provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements including: O2 (trace, control, and purity), CO2, CO (% and trace), N2O, CH4 (trace), Ar in O2, N2 in Ar, O2 or air, and He in Ar, O2 or N2.

Specifically designed to address the needs of industrial and medical gas manufacturers, the MultiExact 4100 can be fitted with a wide range of sensing technologies – Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Gas Filter Correlation Infrared (GFx), single-beam Infrared (SBSW), Aluminum Oxide, and Thermal Conductivity (TCD).

These proven, digital sensors not only provide highly accurate measurements but also offer operational flexibility in a range of industries and applications. The non-depleting, high-stability sensing technologies help extend maintenance intervals while intelligent functionality such as independent auto-calibration helps to deliver operational efficiencies over a long product life.

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4900 MultiGas

High performance continuous emissions (CEMS) analyzer, designed for multi-gas measurement of criterion pollutants, greenhouse gases and reference oxygen.

The 4900 Multigas offers high specification multi-gas monitoring designed specifically for the continuous emissions monitoring of flue gas. This sensitive analyzer combines leading edge patented sensing technologies including paramagnetic O2, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) techniques of Single Beam Single Wavelength (SBSW), and Gas Filter Correlation (GFx). When used with a suitable sampling system the 4900 Multigas provides unparalleled MCERT/QUAL1 measurements of criterion pollutants NO, SO2, and CO, plus O2, and greenhouse gases CO2, N2 O, and CH4. The 4900 Multigas combines this monitoring power with low-cost of ownership, delivering a highly attractive analytical package.

With a compact and robust design, the small footprint of the 4900 Multigas requires minimum cabinet space and can be easily integrated into other systems, helping to reduce installation costs. Low operational requirements, facilitated through long calibration intervals by ultra-stable, high performance measurement technologies and auto- calibration capabilities, make the 4900 Multigas an ideal monitoring solution with an affordability to match its impressive monitoring performance.

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Associated Products & Parts:

08100901 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 SHORT FD 08100902 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 SHORT PD 08100903 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 ZIRC 1 FD 08100904 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 ZIRC 2 FD 08100905 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 ZIRC 3 FD 08100906 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 ZIRC 4 FD 08100908 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 GFX 1 FD 08100909 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 GFX 2 FD 08100910 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 GFX 3 FD 08100911 PLUMBING KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 GFX 4 FD 08100912 PLUMBNG KIT, MULITEXACT 4100 LONG FD 08100915 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 LONG PD 08100936 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 ZIRC 1 PD 08100937 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 ZIRC 2 PD 08100938 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 ZIRC 3 PD 08100939 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 ZIRC 4 PD 08100940 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 GFX 1 PD 08100941 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 GFX 2 PD 08100942 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 GFX 3 PD 08100943 PLUMBING KIT, MULTIEXACT 4100 GFX 4 PD 08100949 PLUMBING KIT, O2 PURITY EXTENSION FD 08100950 PLUMBING KIT, O2 PURITY EXTENSION PD 01210909A 1210 digitizing PCB 081000KITA ME 4100 One Year Service Kit 081000KITB ME 4100 Two Year Service Kit 08100952A CABLE ASSY, OPTION BOARD TO HEATER 08100953A CABLE ASSY, TRNSDUCER 12/6 WAY 08100954A CABLE ASSY, IR1520 SIGNAL 08100955A CABLE ASSY, IR1520 POWER 08100956A CABLE ASSY, TRNSDUCER 5/4 WAY 08100957A CABLE ASSY, PROFIBUS EXTENDER 08100 08100967A CABLE ASSEMBLY, HEATER EXTENDER 08100968A CABLE ASSEMBLY, 5/4 WAY EXTENDER S2740997B Probe Support Tube 1.0M Spare S2940959 FLEXICABLE - JUMPER 3IN S5000935 Spare Purity Module Assy 3DP S8000945 PCB ASSY, BACKPLANE INTERFACE,WIDE 0810 S8000946 PCB ASSEMBLY, OPTION BOARD, WIDE 08000 S8000948 PCB ASSY, CONNECTOR BOARD, MULTIEXACT S8000968 ASSEMBLY, FAN MODIFIED 12VDC S8100929 ZIRCONIA, MULTIEXACT 8100 S8100944 PLUMBING, EXTENDED CHASSIS OPTION 1 S8100945 PLUMBING, EXTENDED CHASSIS OPTION 2 S8100946 PLUMBING, EXTENDED CHASSIS OPTION 3 S8100971A ASSEMBLY, FLOW SWITCH 125T SD1210701 GFX CO 0-50/500vpm, Digital Spare SD1210701A GFX 0-100/1000vpm CO, Digital Spare SD1210702 GFX CO 0-200/3000vpm, Digital Spare SD1210702A GFX 0-500/5000vpm CO, Digital Spare SD1210711A GFX SO2 0-100/1000vpm, Digital Spare SD1210712 GFX SO2 0-500/25000vpm, Digital Spare SD1210712A GFX 0-1000/10000vpm SO2, Digital Spare SD1210721 GFX NO 0-100/1000vpm, Digital Spare SD1210721A GFX 0-200/2000vpm NO, Digital Spare SD1210731 GFX CO2 0-5/100vpm, Digital Spare SD1210731A GFX CO2 0-50/500vpm, Digital Spare SD1210741 GFX N2O 0-50/500vpm, Digital Spare SD1210751 GFX CH4 0-50/500vpm, Digital Spare SD1210751A GFX 0-100/1000vpm CH4, Digital Spare 01520701 Ir1520 100% CO2 Transducer 01520702 Ir1520 50% CO2 Transducer 01520703 Ir1520 25% CO2 Transducer 01520704 Ir1520 10% CO2 Transducer 01520705 Ir1520 5% CO2 Transducer 01520706 Ir1520 2.5% CO2 Transducer 01520707 Ir1520 1% CO2 Transducer 01520708 Ir1520 5000ppm CO2 Transducer 01522702 Ir1522 50% CO Transducer 01522703 Ir1522 25% CO Transducer 01522704 Ir1522 10% CO Transducer 01522706 Ir1522 2.5% CO Transducer 01522707 Ir1522 1% CO Transducer 089000KITA 4900MG One Year Service Kit 089000KITB 4900MG Two Year Service Kit 08900920A Filter kit 4900 Series (External in line) S8100989 MultiExact Profibus Upgrade Kit 05200941 Spare High Accuracy O2 Transducer (3601 2 digit) S8100953 Spare Flowmeter 8100 Series 500ml/min S8100955 Spare Flowmeter 8100 Series 2500ml/min S8100956 Spare Flowmeter 8100 Series 5000ml/min S8100986 KIT, 19" RACK MOUNT EARS ONLY            S8100987 KIT, 19" RACK MOUNT 600MM