Spectra Scan Exact 2500
Spectra Scan Exact 2500

Spectra Exact 2500

Rugged Photo-metric Gas Analyser for Demanding Process Applications

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SERVOTOUGH (Hazardous Area) Spectra Exact 2500

Servomex’s iconic industry-leading photo-metric delivers flexible single and multi-component gas analysis capability for corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams. The SpectraExact’s reliable, accurate and stable real-time online process analysis makes it ideal for a range of process, combustion and emissions gas analysis applications.

Key Features:

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Associated Products & Parts:

02000916 2 x mA + Relays Option PCB 2000 SMT 02000934 Sensor Interface Board PCB 2000 SMT 02500502 Cell thermocouple (300mm long sheath) 02500962 Purged End Boss Spares Kit 02500996 Kit, Fuses 02501405 Display PCB cover 02501996 Kit, Fuses 02501998 ATEX Keypad Assembly (Spare) 02000906B 2 x mA + Relays SMT Option PCB 02500002A Service Manual, 2500 02500002C SERVICE MANUAL, 2500 MODEL C 02500502A Kit, Thermocouple Spare 300mm (D1) 02500943A CaF2 Short Wave Source AS 2552-2204 Lamp, Halogen, 6V 10W Type M29 S1200921 Scrubber Assembly, H2O, BSP Spare S1200922 Scrubber Assembly, Mix, BSP Spare S1200924 Scrubber, 2500 Only H2O/CO2/CO Mix Spare S2000510 Scrubber Sachets, MS Spare S2000511 Scrubber Sachet Kit, H2O/CO2 Mix S2000512 Scrubber Sachets, Hopcalite Spare S2000925 Spare Power Supply Unit (ATEX) S2500901 Power Control PCB Assembly Spare S2500904 Transmitter PCB Assembly Spare S2500904A Transmitter PCB S2500906 Motor Connection PCB assembly S2500912 Communications Board (RS485) S2500913 Communications Board (Ethernet) S2500928A Interconnecting Ribbon Cable Assembly 1-256mm path S2500928B Interconnecting Ribbon Cable Assembly 512mm path S2500928C Interconnecting Ribbon Cable Assembly 1000mm path S2500929 Display Ribbon Cable Assembly S2500931A Source, Long Wave, ZnSe S2500931B Source, Long Wave, BaF2 S2500931C Source, Long Wave, CaF2 S2500933A Lens Assembly, ZnSe Spare S2500933B Lens Assembly, BAF2 Spare S2500933C Lens Assembly, CaF2 Spare S2500933D Lens Assembly, Glass Spare S2500944A Interconnecting Cableform 1-256mm path S2500944B Interconnecting Cableform 512mm path S2500944C Interconnecting Cableform 1000mm path S2500965A Processor PCB + Firmware (2500, 2520, 2550) S2500965B Processor PCB + Firmware (2500, 2520, 2550) S2500973 Kit, Spare Blanking Plugs S2500974 Fixings Kit (All fasteners) S2500975 Seals Kit (All Seals excluding Cell Seals) S2500977 Chopper Box Insulation S2500978A Kit, Transformer 100/200 Spare S2500978B Kit, Transformer 115/230 Spare S2500979 Special Tools Kit S2500980A Windows, CaF2 S2500980B Windows, BaF2 S2500980C Windows, ZnSe S2500980D Windows, IR Quartz S2500980E Windows, Glass S2500980G Kit, Cell Windows Sapphire Spare S2500980H Kit, Cell Windows Spectrosil Spare S2500981 Cell Servicing Kit (includes S2500982A) S2500982A Cell Seals Kit - Viton & PTFE seals S2500982B Cell Seals Kit - Chemraz seals S2500982C Kit, Cell Seals, Special Chemraz 584 S2500984 Enclosure Earth Studs S2500986 Kit, Chopper Box Motor Spare S2500989 Gas strut kit S2501352 Spare Display Window (ATEX) S2501905A Detector PCB Assembly, CaF2 Spare S2501905B Detector PCB Assembly, KrS5 Spare S2501905C CVD-FET /CaF2 /SW (Detector PCB Assembly) S2501911A Power Control PCB Assembly Spare S2501931 Spare Mains Filter Unit ATEX 6A Cert S2501932 Spare Mains Filter Unit 6A Non-Certified S2501933 Spare Purged 6A Mains Filter Unit S2501961A Sealed Source Assembly; ZnSe (Q-SIL) S2501961B Sealed Source Assembly; BaF2 (Q-SIL) S2501961C Sealed Source Assembly; CaF2 (Q-SIL) S2501972 Spare Pressure Transducer, 50psia S2501999 Display/Keypad Assembly S2510901A Gas Filter Adaptor PCB (2510 x10 Gain) S2510901B Gas Filter Adaptor PCB (2510 x40 Gain) S2510965A Microprocessor PCB Assembly GFIR Spare S2510965B Processor PCB + Firmware (2510 only) S2520933 Source Soft UV CaF2 source assembly S2520933A Source, Soft UV CaF2 (2520 Only) S2550901 Multicomponent Adaptor PCB (2550) S2550998A Processor PCB Assy 2550C LXI Spare S2600905 UV Photo diode (Detector PCB Assembly) S2500C1CELL SAMPLE CELL S2500A2CELL SAMPLE CELL S2500D1CELL SAMPLE CELL