Fluegas Exact 2700
Fluegas Exact 2700

FluegasExact 2700

The World's Most Advanced Fluegas Analyser

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SERVOTOUGH (Hazardous Area) Flue Gas Exact 2700

Designed to measure O2 and combustibles in flue gases for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions, the FluegasExact gas analyser is designed to suit the most demanding needs of combustion efficiency applications in the Power Generation and Process Industries.

Key Features:

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Associated Products & Parts:

1761-3211 Polybutylcuprysil 1574 Sachet 2383-2871 SMC Bulkhead 1/4"(F) To 6mm 204372 Sintered Restrictor 150ml/min @ 5psig 3931-6857 Gasket 2700 Two Hole (4" ANSI Flange) 00714427 Olive, Double Ended, 1/8 SS S1750702 Combustibles Sensor - High Sensitivity (<1000ppm SOx) S2720361 Thermal Spacer S2720456 Calibration / Blow Back Inlet Pipe S2720763A Spare Flow Alarm Module 2700D S2720831 Combustibles Sensor - High Sulphur (<2500ppm SOx) [2700D Only] S2720902A Terminals PCB (O2 Only No Flow Option Fitted) S2720905A Flow Alarm Relay Box PCB S2720906A Terminals PCB (O2 Only, Flow Option Fitted) [2700D Only] S2720912A Terminals PCB (COe Only, No Flow Option Fitted) S2720922A Terminals PCB (DualO2+COe, No Flow Option Fitted) S2720923 Basic Flame Trap Kit S2720924 Band Heater - 120Vac S2720925 Band Heater - 240Vac S2720926A Terminals PCB (Dual O2+Coe, Flow Option Fitted)**[2700D Only] S2720927 Aspirator & Filter/Flame Arrestor Seals Kit S2720928 Flame Trap Kit S2720929 Asp.Inlet/Aux Air Feed Restrictor & Flame Trap Pipe Assy. (Dual O2+COe Only) [2700D Only] S2720930 Cell Connector (Dual O2+COe Only, Flow Option Fitted) [2700D Only] S2720932 Cell Connector (O2 Only, Flow Option Fitted) [2700D Only] S2720933A Flow Alarm Relay Box - Safe Area - Coated [2700D Only] S2720935A Flow Alarm Relay Box - ATEX / IECEx - Coated [2700D Only] S2720943 Asp.Inlet/Aux Air Feed Restrictor & Flame Trap Pipe Assy. (COe Only) [2700D Only] S2720943A Flow Alarm Relay Box - N.American CI, Div2 [2700D Only] S2720949 Cell Connector (Dual O2+COe Only, No Flow Option Fitted) [2700D Only] S2720950 Cell Connector (COe Only, No Flow Option Fitted) [2700D Only] S2720955 Filter/Flame Arrestor S2720966 Cell Connector Assembly (Dual O2+COe Only) [2700C Only] S2720970 2700 Dual (O2+Coe) B To C Upgrade Kit S2720979 Aspirator Air Pipe Assy (COe Only) S2720980 Aux/Ref Air Inlet Pipe Assy. (Dual O2+COe Only) [2700C Only] S2720981C N2 Aspirator Kit (Dual O2+COe Only) S2720982C N2 Aspirator Kit (O2 Only) S2720984 Weld On ANSI 4" 150LB Flange Kit S2720985 ANSI 4" 150LB Gasket Kit S2720987 Aspirator Kit S2720988 Aspirator Inlet pipe assembly (O2 Only) S2720989 Cell Connector (Dual O2+COe Only) [2700B Only] S2720990 Cell Connector (COe Only) [2700B Only] S2720991 Cell Connector (O2 Only) S2720992 Solid State Relay Kit S2720993 Solenoid Valve Kit S2720994 Thermostat & Thermistor Kit S2720995 Zirconia O2 sensor
02750988A  Adaptor Flange, 4”ANSI 150lb to 3” ANSI 300lb, No Spacer option  02750988B  Adaptor Flange, 4” ANSI 150lb to 3” ANSI 300lb, Spacer Required option 2344-2294 Adaptor 1/2" OD 1/2" NPT BT S2740415 Filter Retaining Kit S2740701A Probe 0.5m SS Open<700C S2740701B Probe 1.0m SS Open <700C S2740701C Probe 1.5m SS Open<700C S2740701D Probe 2.0m SS Open<700C S2740702A Probe 0.5m SS Filtered<700C S2740702B Probe 1.0m SS Filtered <700C S2740702C Probe 1.5m SS Filtered<700C S2740702D Probe 2.0m SS Filtered<700C S2740702E Probe 2.5m SS Filtered<700C S2740702F Probe 3.0m SS Filtered<700C S2740703A Probe 0.5m SS Supported S2740703B Probe 1.0m SS Supported S2740703C Probe 1.5m SS Supported S2740703D Probe 2.0m SS Supported S2740703E Probe 2.5m SS Supported S2740703F Probe 3.0m SS Supported S2740704A Probe 0.5m Alloy Open S2740704B Probe 1.0m Alloy Open S2740704C Probe 1.5m Alloy Open S2740704D Probe 2.0m Alloy Open S2740705A Probe 0.5m Alloy Filtered S2740705B Probe 1.0m Alloy Filtered S2740705C Probe 1.5m Alloy Filtered S2740705D Probe 2.0m Alloy Filtered S2740707A Probe 0.5m Ceramic Open<1750 S2740707B Probe 1.0m Ceramic Open<1750 S2740707C Probe 1.5m Ceramic Open<1750 S2740708A Probe 0.6m Ceramic Filtered<1500C S2740708B Probe 1.1m Ceramic Filtered<1500C S2740710A Probe 0.5m SS Dual Supported S2740710B Probe 1.0m SS Dual Supported S2740710C Probe 1.5m SS Dual Supported S2740710D Probe 2.0m SS Dual Supported S2740710E Probe 2.5m SS Dual Supported S2740710F Probe 3.0m SS Dual Supported S2740712C Probe 1.5m SS Dual Filtered S2740712D Probe 2.0m SS Dual Filtered S2740712E Probe 2.5m SS Dual Filtered S2740713A Probe 0.5m Hastelloy C Open S2740713B Probe 1.0m Hastelloy C Open S2740713C Probe 1.5m Hastelloy C Open S2740958A Spare Hexoloy Probe Assembly, 500mm S2740958B Spare Hexoloy Probe Assembly, 1000mm S2740958C Spare Hexoloy Probe Assembly, 1200mm S2740958D Spare Hexoloy Probe Assembly, 1500mm S2740995 Probe Support Disk Kit S2740996A Probe Shroud Kit S2740996B Dual Probe Shroud Kit Spare S2740997B Probe Support Tube 1.0M Spare S2740997D Probe Support Tube 2.0m S2740998 Silicon Carbide Filter S2740999 Supported Probe Installation Kit S2750990 Spare Flange Kit, 2700 To DIN 80 S2750991 Flange Conversion Kit, 3 DIN65/JIS80 S2750992 Flange Conversion Kit, 2700 To 700B/N S2750993 Atmospheric Vent Flange Kit S2750995 Stand Off Flange Kit S2750996 Thermal Retention Flange Kit S2750997 Thermal Spacer Flange Kit S2750998 Probe Retention Flange Kit S2750999 4IN ANSI Standard Installation Kit 3931-6679 Gasket 228OD 110ID 1.5T 8Holes 3931-6864 GASKET; 2700 TO THERMOX 3931-6871 Gasket 2700 To 3"/DIN65/JIS80 3931-6888 GASKET; 2700 TO DIN80 OR JIS65 3931-6895 GASKET; 2700 TO 3IN ANSI 30