Hydrogen Analysis & Biogases

Electrolyser - courtesy of Clean Power Hydrogen
Electrolyser - courtesy of Clean Power Hydrogen

Green energy and Biogases are rapidly expanding marketplaces globally with new entrants supplying Hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. However, hydrogen purity, be it green or grey, is critical to a number of industries. Non more so than in the rapidly growing fuel cell and electrolyser companies which have to work to very strict purity specifications such as those called up in ISO14687-2

SGS GAS are one of only a handful of European laboratories capable of testing Hydrogen to such demanding specifications as called up in vehicle refueling.

Bio gases such as methane and CO2 produced from Anaerobic digestion of waste need to be purified before entering the power grid or food chain.

Here SGS GAS support new entrants into the grid meeting specifications such as Calorific Value - CV, GQ8