Service Contracts

SGS GAS contracts draw on many years of experience in the field to offer the best diagnostics and preventative maintenance for analysers and systems.

All our work is carried out by expert engineers, so our customers can rest assured that unplanned ‘down time’ will be cut to a minimum.

An SGS GAS contract includes the following tasks by our engineers: 


Calibration check
Diagnostic review
Alarm function check
Analogue output check


Inspect / clean flowmeters
Change filters / filter elements
Check separator / knockout / chiller / drier assemblies
Inspect / test valve operation
Check temperature controllers / indicators
Check / inspect sample handling components (pumps, aspirators etc.)
Check all other components as deemed necessary for correct system operation
Change / replace consumables


Engineer’s assessment of the general condition of the equipment examined
Existing faults or items in need of repair
Components that, based upon the engineer’s knowledge and experience, are due for replacement, to minimise unplanned down time
Evidence of any inappropriate maintenance or calibration procedures with recommendations for improvements
Audit of spares stock and, where necessary, recommended changes based on field experience